Assemble Your Engineering Model

What do you need to get started?

Inside the box you should see bundles of chips, each in their own bag.

For each Engineering Model you intend to setup you will need:

1  IP01 xChip- USB module
1  CW01 xChip- WiFi module and processor
1  OD01 xChip- OLED display module
1  SW01 xChip- Humidity, Pressure, and Temperature Sensor
1  SL01 xChip- Light and UV sensor
5  Connector pieces

How to Assemble Your Engineering Model

The XinaBox system is very easy to assemble. Simply click a connector onto one of the xChips and then click another chip onto it.

When you are connecting and disconnecting the chips, it may require more force than you expect. To prevent damage, hold the chips along the sides as shown below. Do not pull from components.

The only rules are that the xChips all have to be facing “up” and the key slots need to be aligned. See the pictures below for alignment reference.

Configuration Comment
Correct alignment: Slots are aligned and both chips are face up.
Incorrect: Connector slots are misaligned
Incorrect: xChip is upside down. Be careful, because the slots are aligned and will connect!

Your final assembly of the Engineering Model should look something like this.

The first time we power the xChips, you won’t see anything on the screen because they don’t have any software loaded.