Known Issue: GroundStation doesn’t send data to dashboard when using CR03

There is a known issue with XinaBox firmware v1.315 where using the CW01 with a CR03 can cause the CW01 to enter a reboot loop and fail to send data to the Dashboard. The CW01 will work normally when the CR03 is not attached.

Technical Details:

A firmware mismatch between the CR03 and CW01 causes the CW01 to fail when receiving data packets from the CR03.

Products Affected:

This affects all CW01 Wi-Fi modules running XinaBox firmware v1.315 or older.


You can tell if you are experiencing this issue by watching the lights on your ground station.

If your radio module stays red and only occasionally blinks green
Your CW01 LED is Green, but you see a little Red light illuminated too.
Note: This can be difficult to detect visually.


Pending a new firmware release, users are asked to re-flash their CR03 radios with the firmware file attached to this article.



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